Vivka War Lover

Welcome back to our site cosplay deviants lovers! We have another amazing cosplayer babe showing off her sexy body in this update. Her name is Vivka and her set is called Cool War Lover. In this wonderful set deviant Vivka is cosplaying the Molotov Cocktease character from The Venture brothers.

The character is a sexy and naughty russian spy with a very sexy accent and her outfit makes every man to fall for her. Cocktease’s outfit is similar to the black widow’s and Vivka managed to recreate it perfectly. Cocktease uses her beauty and sex appeal to seduce guys and squeeze out information from them. Vivka has the perfect curvy body for a costume like this, with big round boobs, a flat abdomen and a naughty round ass. This costume is very revealing, as you can see it barely covers Vivka’s big boobs. She also wears red gloves and red boots and that heart shaped eye patch is giving her a mysterious look. If you want to check out other sexy deviant cosplayers go to and have fun! Also make sure to come back here soon and find new sexy cosplay sets!


 Enjoy watching this sexy babe exposing her hot features!