Cosplay Deviants Lesbian Sailor Moon

Cosplay Deviants has more hot guys in the hottest disguises for you guys. These four were invited to a photo shoot a few weeks ago, but no one mentioned for what it was. They kept on telling them that it was confidential and once they got there they will find out. They didn’t want to seem unprofessional and they also wanted the money so the girls accepted and waited extremely excited to see what’s it about.

The sexy chicks went there all four of them and once they stepped in the cosplaydeviants studio they recognized the background. it was from their favorite cartoons. The girls were going to be Sailor Moon well at least one of them was going to be. So you really don’t want to miss them out all dressed up in your favorite super heroes and getting down and nasty on each other, because believe me it’s going to be pretty hot. We sure liked it and we are sure you guys will too. You can also check out these panty pops galleries to see more hot babes in even hotter scenes. Enjoy it!

cosplay deviants sailor moon team

Watch here these slutty babes making out!