Fauna The Warrior

Hey there guys, today we have another superb collection of cosplay deviants pics that you simply must see without delay today. And this time we have one that will surely impress you no matter what. You will recognize the character on the spot and we’re very sure of that as well today. This babe hails from the super popular anime Bleach and you will recognize her as the sexy and adorable babe named Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck. or let’s just call her Nel for short as she was practically called in the series as well. Well let’s see the babe in action for her photo shoot today!


As you know from the cosplay deviants series, this super sexy and hot swordsman babe, was part of the Arrancar group in the series, and that practically made her an evildoer. But today she gets represented by this cute babe and her costume and she is going to get justice done for her as you get to see just how naughty and kinky miss Nel would get if she were a real person. Sit back and watch her posing and showing off her sexy body at the beach side today, and see the whole gallery. We will be bringing you some more amazing and hot updates in the future so just stay tuned everyone! Also you can enter the http://ladysuspender.org site and watch some slutty chicks in stockings licking each other!

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